Barbecue Huts - Quality BBQ Cabins

Barbecue Huts sell BBQ huts at an amazing price but still manufacture them from the same materials as more expensive BBQ Huts, so why buy from anyone else!

The quality of our straight walled BBQ Huts will surprise you. Using Scandinavian 44mm log lap on the walls and a roof shingle imported from Finland, you are getting the genuine article at a fraction of the cost.

Everything You Need IS Included!

WARNING: Many bbq log cabin companies out there do not include a BBQ or incredibly, roofing shingle in their initial price. This is to make them look cheaper, but since you will want these items, we include them in the price. We don't skimp on these items either. The BBQ is a Polar Metalli grill, direct from Finland and very high quality. The shingle is Kerabit, designed for the Finnish environment so more than capable of handling whatever the British weather can throw at it.

Barbecue Huts™ is a UK manufacturer of BBQ huts so buying from us means that you are supporting the UK economy and genuine the British manufacturing industry. Do not worry that we are not importing our cabins directly from Finland. We use the same materials and build the cabins to the same design. You are getting a high quality BBQ hut in a Finnish style while supporting a UK company.

We used to import our cabins like many other companies do, but we stopped due to the inflexibility of dealing with Finnish suppliers. The main issue with imported buildings is that you are only a supplier so they control the speed of delivery and manufacture. It meant that we were sometimes waiting for weeks to get our huts delivered. Also, if customers wanted something slightly different, the changes they requested were sometimes done incorrectly and also took a long time to show up. If you want changes from the standard design with us, then we can do that without a problem. Each hut is a bespoke build for a specific client. Also, since we control the whole process from order to manufacture to delivery and fitting, you will be sure to get a better experience when dealing with us. In the rare eventuality that something needs fixing or sorting out afterwards, at least you know that you are not going to have to rely on a foreign company to deal with the issue.